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Google Took Microsoft Mobile Office Light, Rates Google as Best

Microsoft has recently entered the cloud computing big time with the release of their MS Office 2010 web apps. Microsoft Mobile Office 2010 has Google docs like web apps to provide users to manage their docs online. In the recent times, Google docs gained a lot of popularity just because it’s easy to use and share.

Google too gained a commandable position in cloud computing arena, and even captured good market share in office software section. Though Microsoft rules the roost in office software section with over 90% of the market share, it somehow lacks the online touch it needs to match the present day needs.

Microsoft finally decided to give a tough competition to the Google. Microsoft Mobile Office 2010 is currently running under its beta version in many countries and already received positive feedback from the users. MS Office 2010 online docs more or less will have similar functioning capabilities that Google docs have. MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint are going to be included in web apps, and you can create, edit and save them through internet right from your mobile or web browser.

Google and Microsoft already engaged in a war of words, the fresh statement from Google about Microsoft cloud computing adds to the list. Google told that Microsoft is still in the early stages of cloud computing, while Google is in this zone for about 4 years and made Google docs more effective and easy to use for its users.

Google’s president David Girouard said that Microsoft is too late to enter cloud computing and Google is already on the top of it by the end of 2009. Earlier Microsoft lashed out on Google for asking its users to switch to Google docs instead of using Microsoft Office.

Google Docs and Microsoft web apps both works on same principle and the purpose of both is same. They have to meet the online demands of users and must give them an easy user interface to deal with. Google surely tops the list, as it’s in the business for over four years and people too are used to Google docs well. Another important point is, Google docs are free to use, and all you need to have is one free Google account. While Microsoft web apps comes with Microsoft Office 2010 which is not a free application.