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Google TV in partnership with Sony is all set to enter in your living rooms

The trends are changing fast and this time its real fast. With the entry of Google into Web TV you can be sure of the legitimacy of the web connectivity which is moving swiftly from PCs to your mobile phones and now to your TVs. Internet today is not limited just to computers but has reached your living rooms via your television sets.

The internet search giant Google Inc. is all set to venture into yet another field- the web TV industry. Eying the concept of delivering Web to TV, Google aims at establishing yet another ambitious project called the Google TV.

So now Google will stretch its legs right from your study room to your living room via Google TV, giving tough competition to Apple where it already exist by the name of Apple TV.

Hence your living room is the new battleground for Google who partners with Intel, Sony and Logitech to emerge as a winner in giving you an amazing Web TV experience based on Android platform.

While the competition in mobile TV arena is getting crowded with each passing day, Google has eyed this project of Web TV named Google TV, which is still in its infancy waiting to see some great platforms and solid consolidations. There has been no concrete revelation about the functionality, timing or pricing of Google TV as of now.

According to some insiders views Google TV is looking forward to use Intel Chips along with a keyboard that will act as a remote control for it. Google TV will be an actual hardware box that would be connected to your televisions and would be powered by Google’s Android operating system. It will be powered by Intel Atom Processor, as added by Times report, and the technology will be integrated directly into Sony TVs and Blu ray players.

With changing trends, companies always try to upgrade themselves to be ahead of the competition and it will be disadvantageous if it does not place itself in the strategic position very soon. Hence, Google’s plan to have its own TV entertainment hub does not come as a surprise to many.