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Google Android 2.2 Froyo with up to 5 times better speed to compete iPhone

Google has updated mobile operating system Android 2.1 to 2.2 with code name Froyo, which has improved accelerated five time better speed than previous version, added application features, cloud-computing-to-device messaging, and better Internet accessibility applications. With the launch of Android 2.2, iPhone will going to be on its toe to immediately upgrade iPhone to better operating system.

A huge set back for Apple iPhone, as Google Android 2.2 is not only five times faster then the earlier version, but it can also support Flash Player 10.1 and various other web applications and native platforms. And even scarier for Apple, as it has been reported that, mobile devices with Android operating system sales has grown more than 707 percent this year in very first quarter.

More and more branded mobile companies are approaching Google for Android operating system, which evidently will grow market share for Google and challenge the domination of Apple iPhone and Microsoft mobile operating system.

Google Android 2.2 has hot spot Wi-Fi support system, which will enable users to connect to PC to use Internet through mobile device and vice-versa. Google Android 2.2 is the only version to support Adobe Flash and Air, which was only supportable earlier by Apple iPhone. This feature is the hook stabbed in Apple and Abode collaboration.

The unique feature in Google Android 2.2 is SD card support and Back-up capability. SD card support system provide user to accessibility to install Android web and non-web applications directly into the SD card. And Back-up capability offer user to restore application data and back-up your data simultaneously. Another unique function, which otherwise can be tagged revolutionary, is cloud computing-to-mobile device messaging, which enables users to connect to Google Docs online and transfer data and convert format to installed applications on Android 2.2.

Apple do not have any plan in pipeline to upgrade iPhone any sooner, on the other hand Google has planning to buzz again operating system innovation market with Android 3.0 code named gingerbread with exciting feature to support advance media formats. For the time being, Android 2.2 Froyo is the buzzing sensation which will going to have presence in market for longer run.