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Garmin launches PND device Nuvi 205 at a very affordable price

Garmin PND device Nuvi 205 Price in India

Garmin is a company whose goal is to create navigation and communication devices that will improve their customer’s life style. They have got a quite big range of advanced product line including aviation, marine, fitness, automotive, wireless applications and other outdoor recreations.

This company is completely based on percepts of conceptions, comfort, execution, respect and service and their products are displayed in the lobby of Olathe, Kansas, world headquarters.

Now they have they have come in a different way by launching new Nuvi 205 with PND (Personal Navigation Device) series also known as 2x5. According to sources, this new Personal Navigation Device happens to be more developed in terms of betterment as compared to the other well known prototypes.

Nuvi 205 is easily movable and even low—priced. It can be used as a personal supporter for our whole life. It helps in directing the way up to 1000 waypoints whenever needed and is supported by Micro-Soft Networks direct services which keeps informed time and again even saves the time and comes fitted with preloaded maps for the adjacent U.S, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Key features include:

  • It comes with 3.5-inch (4.3-inch 205W) screen
  • It also has FM and MSN traffic capability
  • Preloaded maps for the contiguous U.S, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are also added.
  • It has an additional feature of voice prompting which helps in delivering audible instructions through its internal speakers.
  • It is featured with a commodious in-built memory which can store pre-programmed maps and can also read the data from optional microSD memory cards.
  • Its battery is made of lithium-ion and lasts for almost four hours before charging again
  • It has many more features such as Hot Fix, currency converter, unit calculator, World Travel Clock, 4.3-inch TFT touch screen with backlight, free 9 month trial subscription to MSN Direct services.

Nuvi 205 has an attractive feature “Where Am I?” emergency locator, which helps us know our location whenever we want. We merely have to tap the screen to get our exact latitude and longitude range which coordinates with the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and fuel stations.

It is suggested that if you want a GPS device, then you can go for Nuvi 205 as it is the best in the market at present.