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Galaxy 2 or Samsung i9100 revealed by Russian blogger

Galaxy 2 is said to be a toy in hands of Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin. On a phone conversation the blogger revealed that he has access to two unreleased Android smartphone among which he calimes to have tested the i9100 by Samsung which is described to be the Galaxy 2 also.

The Android phone Galaxy 2 is said to have dual cores as processors. The other Android phone he has mentioned about is Sony Ericsson’s Anzo. Specifications of each of the phone are not yet known but the Galaxy 2 is said to have a mysterious entry in February 2011.

On assuming that the blogger on Samsung i9100 has hands on experience, we can say that the i9100 would have 4.5-inch touchscreen with a 14.4Mbps speed and 3G facility. The Android phone is said to have a very thin profile and it might have the latest by Android i.e the Android 2.3(Gingerbread). Eldar in his blog said that the product is “so technically advanced”. There might be several views regarding it as few say that the product has a skinned version of the upcoming nexus 2. The European code for the GSM model is GT-i9000 but in the Indian sub-continent it is referred by i9000 and the latest i9100 is the successor of the previous one.

Apart from the features like Android Gingerbread and dual processor it also comes equipped with AMOLED screen. The Sony Ericsson’s smartphone is called the Anzo or it may be named at the X12. The model by Sony Ericsson is rumored to be the successor to X10.

The features of this phone is said to have a larger screen. It will have the latest processor which can be the Android 2.3 or the version after that. The date of it release is not yet known like that of the Galaxy 2 which might release in the month of February 2011.  

Secrets of the two Android smartphone are out and thanks to the Russian blogger. The consumer of Android smartphones seems to be on the lucky side as they will new products to choose from in the coming year.

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Galaxy 2 or Samsung i9100 revealed by Russian blogger
the blogger should leak about the price.
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Galaxy 2 or Samsung i9100 revealed by Russian blogger
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