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G FONE 777 mobile at low price with basic features and specs

G FONE 777 mobile Price in India

If you are a believer that technology should suffice to no economic barriers then you are probably heading towards the right type of handset for yourself. The GFONE is a company that believes in exactly the same and hence is introducing an extremely low end mobile phone for the consumers called the G-FONE 777.

GFONE 777 is boasting of extremely good features for the general man in a very affordable cost for the common Indian man. However not much is known about the processor and OS that the phone is running, the features nevertheless are more than eye catching. Besides being an excellent touchscreen, the phone is so much more the phone vaunts the dual sim capability and is power packed in terms of capability.

The screen size is a not big not small type 3.2’’ diagonally the screen size optimal for the Indian users. The screen bears the QVGA resolution with 262000 colors.

GFONE 777 smartphone comes with a 3MP camera that supports photo editor and probably unlimited video recording. The smartphone supports the FM radio on speakers and comes with a 3.7’’ audio jack. The phone supports menu customization and even supports the feature of private menu where the menu items will be available only after authentication.

The memory slot of the phone is a handy one and is expandable up to 8 GB via a Micro SD card. The phone has got the support of excellent 2G wireless capabilities powered by the EDGE technology and answering machine. The phone has the motion detector in built and that is probably the only sensor in the device this sensor is useful in providing the rotating menu for the device.

GFONE 777 handset provides the Mobile tracker facility and Bluetooth via A2DO technology. The smartphone comes with an inbuilt Opera Mini browser and Nimbus and Snaptu for social networking capabilities. The Snaptu service is basically a combination of a host of social networking sites and Web 2.0 services. And that is not all the phone supports a email ,PDF reader and even office tools.

All these features come for a cost of a mere Rs.5,300/- a (mere in comparison to other phones offering these features) makes this phone a big contender for market ownership in India how the sales fair however will only be available after a month.


G FONE 777 mobile at low price
I suppose that G FONE 777 mobile at low price is a good rival to IPhone with its high rate of price as far as the first one has almost all the functions of the second
Posted by Iryna T.
reviews of gfone 777
reviews of gfone 777 seems interesting. The phone looks cute!
Posted by Eva
i wan a pc suite for this mobile pls... tel me where can i get that
Posted by vennki.dadi
this is a stunning mobile but the only thing i'm not satisfied is about videos. videos which are flexible to screen on other mobiles are appearing too small in this mobile
Posted by vennki.dadi
PC Connect Software
i want PC suit software for gfone 777. is it possible or not
Posted by jaykumar