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G FIVE E680 price in India, G FIVE E680 mobile price and Features

G FIVE E680 price in India

G FIVE E680 is an Indian handset maker which has focused on creating and launching affordable mobile devices and gadgets. The new G FIVE mobile E680 (Eseries) comes at a price of Rs 2,500-3,000. The Eseries consists of three models and is called the Movie King handsets. This is because the specific series is meant to meet the needs of those who love cinematography.

G FIVE E680 mobile price and Features

The G FIVE E680 is a mobile device sleek in appearance, excellent in performance and offering a great range of entertaining features with specific reference to cinema and movies.

The G FIVE E680 mobile comes integrated with a 4GB memory card which is full of movies, ringtones and FTV videos. All Eseries models have 20 Bollywood films pre-loaded in their memory; this way you get to have your favourite  movies with you wherever you may go.

The G FIVE E680 mobileis a dual-SIM handset with a dual camera; 1.3 megapixel VGA camera located at the rear and the front. MP3 and FM Radio opportunity and a big memory card microSD. All the Eseries models have a key specifically dedicated to assist easy and fast navigation to the video library, where the movies are also stored.

So, easily and effortlessly  G FIVE E680 mobile user can choose from the list of their favourite movies and enjoy  in on a 2.2-inch display screen. G’FIVE mobiles teamed up with Hungama from where the users can have the chance to download movies that they like at the price of Rs 20 each.