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G FIVE E650 price in India, G FIVE E650 mobile price and Features

G FIVE E650 price in India

G FIVE E650 price in India is in the range of Rs 2,500-3,000. G FIVE E650 is bringing to the market a brand new option that combines communication with entertainment. On the 2.4 inches touch screen of this smooth-looking flip phone you can watch full movies.

The G Five E65o mobile comes with a pre-selection of 20 Bollywood flicks which you can enjoy while on the move.

What is also impressive in G FIVE E650 mobile is that this extra touch of entertainment is brought to you at a very reasonable and affordable pricing. Good value for money for a handset that provides you with cinematographic entertainment.

G FIVE E650 mobile price and Features

G FIVE E650 mobile falls under the E-series category of products which all share many common characteristics, technological features and of course the particular entertainment  feature of watching full movies on a small screen.

G FIVE E650 mobile is embedded with dual-SIM capabilities, dual cameras, radio, video and MP3 player, a LED torch and the ability to support push e-mails.

G FIVE E650 mobile also has a “voice changer”.  From what we perceive it is a feature according to which you can change your voice so that the person who is calling you might think that it is someone else. Funny and useful do not you think?

On G FIVE E650 you can always opt for pure entertainment when you are too tired of talking, texting and emailing. What with more than 15 movies to choose from you can relax by watching your favourite flick.

In G FIVE E650 mobile, the movies database has been customized into 4 categories-based on their location and on the dialects/languages spoken. Thus, the cards with the pre-loaded movies are available in 4 packs: North, South, East and West. All you have to do is make up your mind about which pack is the right for you.