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Free Premium Nokia GPS Ovi Maps for 10 Nokia Models

All Nokia smart phones will be using GPS software now. This news has been released by Nokia on Thursday. This Nokia GPS technology is going to beat entire GPS industry because they are going to provide free driving directions and walking directions in 74 countries of the world.

Nokia Ovi Maps Software

Nokia Ovi Maps will help to show the direction of the phone at any places of 74 countries. This software can be used by any Nokia phone owner. It will be inbuilt in Nokia phone, but old customers can download this software.

Availability of Nokia Ovi Maps

Ovi Maps are available in 10 phones now. However in few weeks, it will be available for all existing models and upcoming models will be inbuilt with ovi maps.

Benefits of Nokia Ovi Maps

  • Voice Assistance – Ovi Maps will provide you voice assistance of driving and walking in other country. You can get complete help for directions from Voice assistance.
  • Live Traffic – Nokia will provide live traffic assistance.
  • Lane Assistance – Nokia offer you lane assistance.
  • Detailed Content – If you are lonely then they will provide you detailed content from partners.
  • Range – This map will cover 180 countries of the world. Its redirection range will be 74 countries.

Nokia voice guided navigation will be given to you in monthly fee. They will take additional fee for lonely planet guide. Other then Nokia GPS Ovi maps software will be free.

This will be very easy for you to get entire information of your location with the help of maps. If you mislead at any place then you can get support of your Nokia phone and get perfect direction to come out from that particular place. This discovery of Nokia will change the thinking of people. Now you are safe at every where of the world. I am thinking that they will increase there range of countries very soon.

Free Premium GPS Ovi Maps Nokia Models

There are only 10 models available in recent time named “N97 Mini, 5230, 6170 Navigator, 5800 Navigation Edition, E72, 6730 Classic and X6, 5800 XpressMusic, E52, E55”. If your Nokia cell phone is not in the list then don’t worry. You will get availability very soon.


Free Premium Nokia GPS Ovi Maps for 10 Nokia Models
excellent offer from nokia, and GPS ovi maps application helps a lot of nokia phone fans especially the traffic advice which can always come handy
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