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Ford sees India as a very important market

After Ford launched its new baby, the Figo in India, there are anticipations rising about more such products for the small car segment from the company aimed at Indian market. The Ford Motor President and CEO, Allan Mulally while answering to a question about delivering more siblings for Indian customers said that he was really excited by the kind of reception Figo got in India.

He sees India as a really important market and further added that this launch proves that the company feels committed to the Indian customers. He also said that he is hopeful of seeing more and more Ford products here in India.

With the launch of Ford Figo in India, the company ventured into the small car segment and used the global platform. Ford Motors CEO plans to ‘have a complete family of vehicles which serves every major market round the world.’

With a special mention to India he said ‘we love being here and we have got great operations here.’ The CEO seemed to have all the praise for India and said that the country has tremendous operation force and will be one of its hubs. He was impressed by the manufacturing capabilities which are well designed and could be integrated with the entire global production system.

Ford is also hopeful of using India’s engineering expertise in its global operations. The company admits that India has taught many things to it and this knowledge and manufacturing skills would be used by the company across the world. India will continue to play a key role in the entire strategy of Ford, globally.

Ford hopes that the already globalize production system of the company will have Indian engineers immensely embedded in the whole system. Their knowledge and expertise will greatly influence the designs of the company products.

The company CEO remembers Henry Ford and his relentless focus on the customer and goals of operating in every country where they can sell their vehicles. He added that the company aims to get back to profitability and have more products lined up for emerging markets and therefore introducing the Figo in India is so much fun.