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Flying cars Transition launch by 2011 with ultimate safety features, specs

Transition, the flying car, got the go ahead nod by the Federal Aviation Administration when it granted a special weight limit exemption. And having got that FAA clearance, the company is set to deliver the first Transition to its waiting list of 70 odd customers who have already deposited the due sum for this wonder vehicle.

Now before you start wondering whether a car can actually fly, let me give you an outline of this technological wonder, the flying car. This flying car called Transition is a two seater vehicle and falls into the light sport aircraft category. To ride the car or rather fly it, one needs a sport pilot certificate.

The vehicle is designed to land and take off at small local airports and can also drive virtually on any road. But before you start worrying about how to park this tiny aircraft at your home, here is good news. Transition can be easily parked in your household garage and you do not need to create extra parking facility for the same.

Now some of the specs of this flying car; Transition runs on unleaded gasoline and can travel upto 450 miles and can fly at 115 mph.  It is designed to fly under 10,000 feet and has a maximum take off weight of 1,430 pounds including passengers and fuel. The mileage of the flying car is 30 miles per gallon (12 km/litre). The car also comes with the ultimate safety options including a full plane parachute, in case the driver and passengers find themselves in dire situation, as put by Gersh.

Now talking about the company that made the first flying car of the world; Terrafugia, the name of the company is derived from Latin which means “escape from the land” and was founded by 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad students who were pilots and received some grant from their institute.

The overwhelmed Vice President of Terrafugia, Richard Gersh, while addressing media in a press release, said, “To actually have it fly is a dream come true. I’m not sure it’s up there with Wright Brothers, but it’s awfully close.”