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First hybrid motorcycle E 120 in India priced USD 855 with 5 yrs warranty

Hybrid motorcycle E 120 Price in India

World's first hybrid motorcycle E 120 is set to be launched in India at price of USD 855 with 5 years warranty. The hybrid motorcycle is as fashionable as a brick on two wheels, says the users. The hybrid motorcycle ET-120 will be first offered by Bangalore based Eko Vehicles.

This hybrid motorcycle has been developed in collaboration with US based Emerging Technologies Inc. The ET-120, first hybrid motorcycle of the world will be heading to Indian market, which boasts a mpg rating of about 280 mpg as well as top speed of 40mph. Hybrid motorcycle is not going to offer you enough speediness, but you would probably not complain, when you will get it on a retail price of 855 dollars.

Hybrid motorcycle has a tandem 70cc gasoline engine and a battery system, with which you can expect the power as well as torque of a 120cc gas-powered engine. Apart form these, these Hybrid motorcycle have a 100-percent increase of hill climbing capability from almost four-degrees to eight, as well as its tripling of fuel economy may turn life changing.

Besides that, with the roughly three-fold decrease in emissions, it can prove a little environment friendly. The hybrid motorcycle is lighter than the powered motorcycles and therefore it can be easily handled by anyone.

Those features OF Hybrid motorcycle may be laughable to you, when you will compare it with the super-powered motorcycles, but you can not deny that the small displacement motorcycles are a major mode of transportation in India. Moreover, it comes with a five-year warranty. Which high speed and powerful motorcycle can offer you 5 years of warranty?

Of course, considering all its features and offering, you may say that Hybrid motorcycle ET-120 is more like a scooter and not a motorcycle. That is your wish, but one thing can not be denied that this hybrid motorcycle will definitely be the transportation solution for billions of Indians.