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Facebook offers mobile site 0.facebook.com free of charge text only version

Low bandwidth users can now have a text-only version of Facebook on their mobile phone. The social networking giant is all set to launch a ‘Zero’ version of its applications on mobile phones that can be accessed by them without incurring data charges. This new site which is dubbed as 0.facebook.com will be available to Facebook users in 40 countries and Facebook has teamed up with 50 wireless operators to offer this service via the mobile phones of the users absolutely free of charges.

The growing popularity of the social networking site, Facebook, has prompted it to widen its base and include more and more web surfers to spend increasing amount on time using their services. This service will be available to countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and more such countries that have limited broadband internet connectivity. Facebook which currently has over 400 million active users world wide understands that nearly one fourth of them use their mobile devices to access the site.

According to the spokesman from Facebook, the users who want to avail these services from wireless operators will be able to access the 0.facebook.com site without paying any wireless data charges. They will be allowed to view their news feeds, send messages, status updates and comment on posts using the stripped down version from their mobile phones. But in case web surfers want to open a link to view photos or videos, they can do so by paying standard wireless data charge to the carriers.

Moissinac added, “They want to try it, they want something more simpler, super fast. And they are potentially afraid of browsing costs.” It is interesting to note that Facebook will not be paying any reimbursement charges to the 50 wireless operators it has teamed up with to offer such services and there are no financial terms to the partnership between Facebook and wireless operators.

In India Facebook has partnered with Reliance and Videocon with the anticipation of Tata Docomo to join soon to offer free of charge services to access 0.facebook.com through the mobile phones. 


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