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Facebook announced new mobile app for lower end mobiles without data fees

Facebook which is making many recent updates in security settings and user interface announced on Wednesday a new mobile app for feature phones that will allow for data-free access on more than a dozen carriers.

The main focus in the coming years for Facebook is mainly for those areas where the high end mobile are novelty rather than staple. This move will make Facebook more accessible and available to all with popular features.

The Facebook Mobile App is only available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms until now, but soon even the lower end mobile user would also be able to access and use the social networking platform while on the go. Facebook built the App in partnership with Snaptu, to get more than 2,500 feature phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and others to get the access.

Facebook has also allied with mobile operators from across the world such as Brazil, Canada, Tunisia, Romania, and Hong Kong, to offer the new mobile app for the feature phones, access without having to pay any data charges for a limited period of time, of 90 days to start with. It is also expected that no fee plans to access new mobile app and more agreements in this regard are also on the way.

When this newly announced Facebook Mobile App loads, one gets the access on the Facebook account news feed, messages, events, friends list, photos, requests, search and notifications. The Facebook here is not expected to be as responsive as the one for full blown touchscreen phones. But the app aims to give better experience than the Facebook Lite version available specifically for the feature phones.