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FaceTime running on an iPhone 3GS without video

FaceTime is available on iPhone 3GS but without the video. The people behind the FaceTime have managed to get FaceTime running in iPhone. There is not yet a fixed way to use the iPhone as how to use the iPhone 3GS camera. There will an awkwardness to use it without front facing camera.

The Facetime promises to be useful tweak especially for those 3G users who never wanted to upgrade their phone but at the same time wished for FaceTime. Though many seem to be happy in this upgrade there are few who are just not satisfied with it at it had a negative impact on the product.

The necessary update came just before the iPhone 4 entered the market. She also said that Apple Company knew that there would be problems in older version of the phone when the FaceTime is uploaded so it would always be better to buy the iPhone 4.MacTalk owner Anthony Agius of Apple community website told that it as out of your mind that the apps will slow down the iPhone 3G but instead it would have been better if they could have avoided the forming of whole situation as they just made people to remove the iOS4 update.

iPhone 3G owner Biana Wofford has filed a lawsuit against Apple for turning her phone into as she says “a device with little more use than that of paper weight” Wofford has filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California which is about the Apple’s iOS4 software update to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

She said that the moment she installed and updated it slowed down in phone and made many applications to crash. Wofford complained by saying that “rather then improving anything, it has rendered the iPhone 3G devices virtually unusable, constantly slowed, crashed or frozen and less versatile than the device consumers purchased and the earlier iOS 3.x version firmware.”

The work of FaceTime can be seen on a jailbreaked iPhone 3GS in the videos on YouTube.