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F1 concept car- Newest technology to burn the race track

Well the thrill that is encompassed in Formula 1 racing is not only because of the speed that the machines generate but also because of the totally brilliant engineering that goes behind the development of such speeding beauties. Most of the automobile engineers of the world are deeply interested in the designs of these machines as most of the new ideas and innovations gives rise to new technology.

Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo another of the automobile innovators took it upon himself to create an F1 concept car, this machinery uses less parts than a normal F1 car but provides the same features: blistering speed and a safe driving environment for the driver of the speed demon. The concept features the rims without support from inside for weight reduction and uses fewer parts.

On the other the body shape and Interior of F1 concept touts a smoother transition to enhance its looks as well as performance.  Apart from that innovative idea, we’d say the rest of the concept car is quite futuristic. Unlike in the nowadays F1 cars, the exhaust pipes are placed vertically on the sides of the cockpit, rather than on the upper side of the chassis rear. The front and rear wings resemble somehow to the current ones, while the rest of it is quite simple.

Although it is not revealed as to how the car is going to behave on the race track whether its simple chassis will stand on the race track test or whether its simple design succumb to the race track heat. But it is expected that the car will scorch the race track and beat the heat as Cesar Augusto Idrobo Giraldo is not just another innovator but knows the his business thoroughly.

Well it has always been desired to have a car with fewer parts as this leads to a lesser number of mechanics in the garage and lesser number of engineers required to to work on the hundreds of aerodynamic devices fitted onto a normal F1 car. So basically, we have a simpler car that would consequently lead not only to an easier development process, but also a cheaper car. So, what sayeth thou?


F1 concept car- Newest technology to burn the race track
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