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E-readers market to increse as more than $1 bn eBooks sold

Books will tend to be read e-books and statistics confirm that piece of news: an adult reads almost 40% of the book using an e-reader, if he/she doesn’t own one, and the percentage is increasing up to 60% if the reader has one. Meanwhile, the e-readers device market is developing, showing off Kindle, Nook or E-ink.

In this world of multi-functionality, tablets are seek as e-readers too. Take for example BeBook, Kogan's eReader, Borders' Kobo, Sony's Reader and Apple's iPad.  Many apps are available too, encouraging the readers to use their device smartly enough: Bluefire Reader, Kobo, ePub etc.

This movement from hard books to software and virtual environment was also seen in the case of music and movie, where consumers found more enjoyable to get rid of the old CDs, DVDs or tapes in order to access the multifunctional IT world. This concept is called “format-shifting”.

Although talking much about flexibility and freedom of choice in the world of smart devices, a major inconvenient might be the fact that you can only read the book in the format that you purchase. If you buy from Amazon, you have to read through their Kindle e-reader. This phenomenon might be explained by the fierce measures that are been taken against piracy.

With almost $1 billion sales in the e-book sector, the interest for reading online has more room until saturation of the market. Only 7% of the adults that spend time online have ever read a book in the virtual environment. It is expected that sales will increase 3 times more in 5 time years. The modest increase is charged on the raised price of e-books, which were supposed to be cheaper than the printed on paper books.

The irony of the industry is not that the number of books sold online is growing, but the fact that the interested users are becoming many.  The publishing houses are shyly entering the market and this cannot be considered but a lack of intelligence in terms of marketing.

On the other side, giants in the market such as Amazon explore the opportunity, attracting prospective customer and loyal user with different bundles. Meanwhile, eBook writers are also encouraged. For example, Amazon offered them 30% royalties in order in enhance the market.

The move from traditional books to eBook is demanding and many expect substantial increases in this domain. Referring to the previsions, IT developers have many reasons for innovating special devices – Kindle, iPad and other proved that the market share is challenging and expanding. Comparing the growing figures within the e-book industry, the expected increase is not fabulous, but compared to the traditional books, printed on paper, the shift is evident.

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