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Download Opera Mini Browser for iPhone and iPod, Apple Okays Opera

iPhone users can now officially have Opera Mini browser on their iPhone or iPod touch! Yes, Apple approves Opera Mini, and Opera Mini is going to make its way to app stores for the first time. With this many of the iPod touch and iPhone browsing problems are going to get solved. The all new super quick Opera Mini browser on iPhone can make a lot of difference, especially for the iPhone 2G and iPod users. Surely iPhone lovers are going to welcome this Opera Mini browser, especially by the sufferers of AT&T networks!

Opera Mini on iPhone can be a great thing, Opera browsers are known for the data compression thus giving a lightning fast browsing experience even on your 2G networks. Opera even claims that it can deliver an impressive 6 time faster page loading compared to Apple’s default browser, Apple Safari. Opera Mini can be a great money saver; especially it saves lot of money while you are on roaming. It’s all about Opera Mini and finally iPhone users got their much awaited application on Iphone app stores.

Opera Mini on iPhone is like a dream coming true for many iPhone users. The unique feature of Opera Mini browser is it loads pretty quickly than we expect. Opera Mini got a great working platform where the data will be compressed before sending it on to the mobile. Opera Mini compresses almost 90% of the total data in mobile browsing. As I told earlier, the result of this compression is high speed browsing experience, lightning fast page loading and a big time money saver!

iPhone-Opera Mini deal is officially confirmed by Lars Boilesen, the CEO of opera software. He said  “We are delighted to offer iPhone and iPod Touch users a great browsing experience with Opera Mini App. This app is another step towards Opera’s goal of bringing the web to more people in more places.”

Opera Mini is also hinted that it might develop an iPad specific browser for Apple. As Apple approves Opera Mini for iPhone, Opera might be geared up to develop Opera Browser for iPad. Opera submitted the Opera Mini Browser for iPhone and iPod 3 weeks ago. Finally the Apple team approved Opera Mini to feature in app stores for download. You can download Opera Mini for iPod and iPhone from app stores.

Opera Mini is FREE to download from app stores.