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Dell smartphones price in India, Dell smartphones launch in India

Dell smartphones price in India

Recently, during a press conference with reporters, by Steve Felice who is the President of small, medium and consumer in Dell, discussed to expand in Europe, China and India, and their plans to introduce Dell smartphones in India and five inch tablet desktop in Europe.

During the press conference, Dell’s Felice, also discussed the company’s profits, wherein he reported that company net income has increased to 441 million dollars, in the quarter, at the end of April, 2010. This has happened due to the company booming sales in Brazil, China and India. Total revenue of Dell is pegged around 15 billion dollars by the first quarter end in April, 2010.

Dell’s Felice, also discussed on the boosting economic situation in China and India, where demand for smartphones is growing faster and presently China is the first and India is the second largest mobile device market in the world. Felice asserted that Dell is focusing on India especially and special strategy has been planned for marketing in India. Felice added that in India, Dell has substantially grown by hundred percent.

Statistics shows that Nokia dominates Indian shores with more than 50 percent share, and Samsung and LG follows with 10 and 6 percent shares respectively, in Indian mobile handset market. However, Dell revenue is surging in each BRIC countries, which has further contributed to the overall growth of the company. Eventually, Dell is eying to challenge Nokia domination in India.

More recently, Indian Government is planning to ban cheap items imported from China, which also include cheap mobiles from China. Moreover, with the coming of 3G faster mobile Internet service technology at really affordable rates by BSNL, is going to change Indian mobile market scenario and situation.

However, new Indian brands are unveiling each day new mobile handsets at really affordable prices, which can offer the same Nokia or Apple advance mobile device technology with more added features and services. Indian mobile market has become competitive, where consumers has extensive options available to choose from and again Indian consumer is more price sensitive, and Dell’s mobile device price factor will going to effect their sales.

The actual bottom line for Dell to expand in BRIC countries is their slowing down sales in US market and their quest is on to seek better environment and opportunities in new foreign shores with new set of technological devices on shell to offer.