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Dell Studio XPS 7100 price in India, Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop PC price

Dell Studio XPS 7100 price in India

Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop PC was released by Dell for its Indian customers. Dell, one of the leading computer making brands, has a good market share in Indian computer market. With its Studio XPS 7100, Dell has targeted the Indian customers who want high speed computers at an affordable price. The AMD six-core processor powered Dell Studio XPS 7100 is one of the faster machines from Dell in India.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 works well for professional users as it fit for multimedia developers and for busy multi tasking with speedy outputs. Another bright aspect of Dell Studio XPS 7100 PC is that it comes with all instant social networking features.

Dell has mixed speed, reliability and entertainment in this Studio XPS 7100 PC. The AMD six-core processor is supposed to give very quick outputs, and it’s one of the fastest processers developed in recent days. This is known to be a great chip especially for professional computer users like multimedia professionals. Dell also added AMD Vision Technology to this PC, thus making it a great piece for entertainment purposes too.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop PC price and features

  • 6 true cores.
  • HyperTransport technology.
  • Enhanced HT3 bandwidth.
  • New AMD-P power management technology.
  • Up to 50% higher performance than quad core processors.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop PC Technology features

  • listen to high quality music.
  • view photos and slideshows.
  • watch DVDs with high definition.
  • Watch online movies and videos with a click.
  • Easy web browsing features.
  • Email function.

Dell says that this Studio XPS 7100 desktop is a good pack of latest features, and it has something in it for every user. Dell Studio XPS 7100 is perfect for high quality video gaming, listening to high definition audio, watching DVDs and streaming videos and for social networking. First of its kind from Dell in India, this PC is a social networking PC which provides instant connection to many social networking sites. Dell Studio XPS 7100 also provides a good platform for the software developers.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 has few good inbuilt applications that make users’ digital life very comfortable. It has few ready to use software to create HD videos and edit photos. Over all, this Dell Studio XPS has latest features and also it’s tagged with an affordable price. Dell Studio XPS 7100 price is Rs. 49,000 in India, as set by company. And in the global market, price of Dell Studio XPS 7100 is listed at $669.