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Dell Streak making debut in Europe, wait is still on for US

Dell streak will be releasing in next month in Europe, at all important locations in Europe including UK. While the high anticipation from US still continues, as Dell is planning to launch Dell Streak later this summer. Dell streak would be the same piece the Dell has showed during Consumer Electronic show earlier this January.

Dell streak is completely different from the Dell Smartphone; it’s a tablet PC but would be in much smaller size than a traditional tablet PC. Dell CEO Michael Dell confirmed the release of Dell Streak in Europe from next month.

Dell Streak is an Android powered tablet PC which has 5 inch screen. At first look it might give you an impression that it is a Smartphone, but certainly not. Dell Streak, by size is smaller than a tablet PC and bigger than the Smartphones.  Dell’s plan is to target the customers who want their tablets PCs to be compact and hand held.

Or it can be like, targeting the customers who want their Smartphones to be slightly big and more productive. The size of the tablet PC can play a crucial role in the sales of a Tablet PC, and that’s the same case with Apple iPad too. There are many people who are not happy with the size of Apple iPad.

Dell Streak is a nice tablet PC which offers some good features. Most importantly, it’s small, stylish and it doesn’t need other briefcase or a bag to carry it. It’s hand held, nice and compact. It runs on Google Android OS, it has 5 mega pixel camera for shooting purposes, and a front facing webcam for video conference, or for any webcam chat. Interesting part of the story is Dell Streak is available on mobile networks with a data connection just like your Smartphones. Yes, you can make calls and receive calls on your Dell Streak!

Dell Streak got very nice features, and the striking one would the bright 5 inch color display. Apart from that, the high speed 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor can really make things go nice and fast. The 5 MP camera at the back has LED flash and some nice video recording features.

The front camera is a VGA camera and it’s for video calling purposes. Dell Streak supports 3G data network, and also the traditional GPRS or EDGE networks. It got good connectivity features, and it’s a nice and small tablet PC which is much easier to carry.