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Dell AMD Six-Core Processor Driven Studio XPS 7100 Desktop Released

Dell, one of the top computer brands of world has announced a new desktop PC in its Indian market. Under the brand name of Dell STUDIO XPS 7100 with AMD six core processor, this desktop PC is said be to developed for the professional users and as well as the personal users.

Dell targeted the professional section of the country with Dell XPS 7100, as it works best for multitasking and busy computing. Dell Company officially announced the launch of Studio XPS 7100 and said it’s best in its kind and features all the latest social networking features.

AMD six-core processor is one of the fastest computer processors developed in recent times. Studio XPS 7100 is going to have this AMD six-core processor and it is said to be lightning quick in operation. This is will be a perfect platform for multimedia and other professional users to get quick outputs.

Also the Dell’s ‘Vision’ technology makes it a good PC to have best entertainment and social networking platform. Dell has targeted the youth section of the country by adding these social networking features.

DELL XPS 7100 Studio desktop PC is coming at an affordable price. Keeping the features of DELL XPS 7100 in mind, this price can be rated as good price. Studio XPS 7100 is a complete feature pack, it got everything in it for every user. It is good for listening music, playing games, perfect environment for developers, and a perfect social networking PC with instant connectivity to many social networking sites.

“The Studio XPS 7100 desktop with AMD Vision technology are feature-packed, yet budget-friendly. They're perfect for listening to music, streaming video and gaming, while connecting with friends and family via social networking sites and blogs," TOI qouted Sriram Gopalaswamy, Marketing Manager, Consumer, Dell India as saying.

DELL Studio XPS 7100 has some inbuilt cool applications. You can create HD movies, create images with featured software and can play 3D games with clear detail. Dell priced the XPS 7100 Studio price around 49,000 INR. In international market Studio XPS 7100 Vision is priced at $669.