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DELL to offer the HTC ARIA for free to AT&T customers

When the AT&T team had announced the HTC Aria back in early May- the features and the design of the phone was enthralling and there was a great deal of talk about the phone in the market as well. But later when the complete specs was revealed earlier this month the admirers of the device were left heart- broken because of the cost of the device.

HTC Aria flaunts some exceptional features and bears one of the best if not the best design. The HTC Aria has amazingly sleek looks with the dimensions of 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.5 and a screen bearing the size of about 3’’, the HTC Aria smartphone even bears a 5MP camera and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The HTC Aria phone incorporates the sense and an optical track pad. The memory chip specifications for the device read the following 384MB ram 2GB of memory coming packed in the box and the memory slot can be expanded up to 32GB.

“This solid, yet elegant phone sports a seamless, smooth surface shaped from a single block of jet black aluminum, hiding a powerful processor that handles multitasking with ease. The ultra-slim aria is compact enough to slip into a shirt pocket, yet nimble enough to hop between a host of home screens and simultaneously-running apps running on the award-winning HTC Sense User Interface.

With the customization of Android and the ease of HTC's award-winning HTC Sense User Interface, you can make your HTC Aria completely yours. Personalize individual home screens for work, play, travel, or life,” is what the handset's description reads over at Dell.

The HTC Aria - an Android 2.1 powered smartphone that is available for $129 outside the AT&T scheme is being made available for free by Dell not only this, but also those who would opt for it should  enjoy free activation of a new line, along with free shipping. This new announcement from Dell has given a ray of hope for those who had lost the same seeing the high price of the device.

For those who are really interested in purchasing the HTC Aria from Dell will find it available here.