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Clamshell Blackberry 9670: CDMA, smartphone with Blackberry 6.0 OS leaked !

Specs, videos of upcoming phones getting leaked on the internet is a common issue there days, and RIMM’s Blackberry 9670 is one phone that keeps getting leaked out of the RIMM labs all the time, this time however it is a video review of the phone that has been leaked on the internet, where the reviewer takes a round trip of the hardware and software of the device. The video is easily available at the Driphter.com site, one where it got leaked.

Blackberry 9670 phone is of Flip type form factor and carries a bulky look (RIMM just can’t help making big and bulky phone) with lot of empty spaces and a full QWERTY keypad and an optical track pad. The video says that the phone will support CDMA connections and is running on the Blackberry 6.0, RIMM’s next generation operating system. The internal display is of the resolution 360 x 480 pixels and the exterior display is very huge.

The device comes with a micro USB and micro SD card slots on the exterior  with a metallic finish on the body and the a 5 MP camera on the back. The Clamshell design fits pretty well with the overall design.

Regarding, the software of the Blackberry 9670 at this point of time it will be very difficult to comment even though there is a software review because the software is still In the development phase and may be changed with time. However, there are some details about the software that i can provide, the reviewer found some touchscreen settings on the device, so it may happen that the device supports touchscreen settings.

Another interesting find in Blackberry 9670 is the universal search option that allows the user to search anything that he types, without clicking the search button. It seems that the phone will be running on the 802.11n Wi-Fi kit and on a Sprint network rather than the Verizon network but nothing can be said with surety at this moment in time.

The phone should be available later this year may be in the third quarter and should be something for the CDMA users to cheer about.