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Camaro launch in India, Camaro launch date and price, Camaro price in India

Chevrolet Camaro price in India and launch

The Chevrolet Camaro launch in India is not revealed yet but Chevrolet Camaro launch date in India will be in coming months on 2011. Chevrolet Camaro price in India is expected to range between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs.

Chevrolet Camaro would be soon seen on the Indian roads as its manufacturers, General Motors are launching it in India. The first glimpse of Chevrolet Camaro in india was seen in Auto Expo last year. Thes ravishing looking sports car Chevrolet Camaro will be imported in a fully built form.

General Motors the manufacturers of Chevrolet Camaro are going to make right hand drive models for Indian markets. Though, in the international markets it is available in left hand drive models. The manufacturers are keen on assembling the models outside India instead of doing it here. Chevrolet Camaro assembled units will be imported to India causing an import duty of 110%.

Chevrolet Camaro price is expected to be expensive in India, making it a buy deal only for high end consumers who look for luxurious and sporty vehicles. Chevrolet Camaro price in International markets ranges from $20000 to $40000 (that is, 18 lakhs). But since the manufacturers are emphasizing on importing fully assembled units to India this would increase the price of the sports car taking it to around Rs.30 lakhs.

Thus, Chevrolet Camaro will be the most highly priced car by General Motors in India, whereas it is known as the most low budget sports car in the international automobile markets.

Chevrolet Camaro pictures reveal that the smart and elegant looking sports car has technical specifications same as its international model. The only difference is the right hand drive. The Indian owners are going to love its sporty speed as it gives 304 @ 6400 rpm horsepower and 273 @ 5200 rpm torque. It is equipped with 3.6L V6 engine in 3 versions and 6.8L V8 engine in the other two upgraded versions.

Chevrolet Camaro has six speed manual and automatic transmission. This two door sports car provides a comfortable seating for 4. For safety of the passengers Chevrolet Camaro has 4 frontal airbags, 4 side impact airbags and to avoid stealing of the expensive vehicle the manufacturers have installed an anti-theft system.

Preview of Chevrolet Camaro in India was seen in the Auto Expo that was held last year. Though, at that time the manufacturers kept the launching of Camaro in India a secret. They are introducing Chevrolet Camaro in India as a brand builder for the company so that maximum Indian consumers are attracted to the General Motors’ showrooms.

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Camaro,i luv it
if camaro has 20to30lakh of cost in india then its not bad,i will want to buy this awesome in just 3years after comleting my studies...with my own money as in movie TRANSFORMERS
Posted by Mr.chahal
mayank chaudhry
hey please launch camaro asap...i am mad abt this car..the day booking will open, i will b the 1st one holding d cheque..just love this car..:)
Posted by mayank chaudhry
Chevrolet Camaro
Among all the sport and retro cars I prefer Chevrolet Camaro as far as it's as fast as Ferrari, as powerful as Mustang and just cool
Posted by Iryna T.
new car launch
waitng eagerly for the new car launch.
Posted by isha
Price of camaro in india
So the Price of camaro in india is not to bad, but please let us know when will it come out.
Posted by Eva