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Bounce for your iPhone from Case-mate at affordable price

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Bounce is the latest cover which has been manufactured by Case-mate just for your iPhones. Case- mate is the leading manufacturer which supplies the premium quality cases and other necessary accessories for Apple iPhones and BlackBerry kind of products.

Case –mate has a tie up with Pong which is the leader in technologies t build new case called “Bounce” which will be designed to protect users from electromagnetic radiation which are harmful.

Bounce case for iPhone will be made with a lot of things kept in mind especially safety and protection. A special technology is being used to make this product so that the radiations received through normal phone calls or sms’s, conference, emails or even data transfer by the users of any gadgets do not get effected.

The case for these iPhone smartphones will be using the patented technology by Pong. It is the technology which re directs radiation away from a user’s end with the protection by case-mates’s best designed product. The cases are said to be available in a lot of colors and the design of it seems very attractive. The price of this product starts at $ 49.99.

The iPhone 4 Bounce case is said to reduce (EFI) radiation by 85 % and 60 % overall Specific Absorption Rate radiation (SAR). The shell is said to be flexible and is also impact resistant. With the cover it gives full accessibility to iPhone 4 ports which are just perfect. The best part is that the Pong Technology comes with a paper-thin strip which helps in detecting radiation which is certified by Federal Communications Commission.

Case-mate the Bangalore based Company has also collaborated with Nordstrom. The partnership includes 25 new cases exclusively to Nordstrom customers for the Holidays to come next month. The cases depict fashion forward and trendy version of some of the most popular products which includes the Venture iPad Case. It is said to be only exclusive and compatible with the iPad and iPhone 4 and 3G devices.

The case is available in the shades of black, cool grey, green and pink.