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Blackberry Smartphones to get interface redesigned as Blackberry Playbook

To appeal mobile users those who are addicted to their Blackberry Smartphones and who admire the look of iphone, Rim strongly suggest that New Blackberry may get their interface may soon get look and feel like Blackberry Playbook. This was revealed by the co-CEO Jim Balsillie at the Web 2.0 Summit on Tuesday.

Jim Balsillie rephrased one audience’s question which strongly suggest that RIM is clearly trying to make the Blackberry Smartphone sexier and wanted to give more Blackberry Playbook features in the Blackberry Smartphones and stated that although he cannot be sure of the future products, however shrinking and repackaging may not be the hardest thing in the world.

RIM’s new Blackberry Torch, already have new sexy features incorporated which looks much less utilitarian and a lot more "designed." So, they clearly is could try and redesigned the Smartphones in Future as it just a matter of refitting and shrinking down the Playbooks’ interface to the size of a Smartphone screen.

Jim Balsillie, the CEO of RIM, already heard boasting about the , Blackberry Playbook Tablet which will emerge next year, he is confident in stating that has speeds that will be the envy of its chief competitor. Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit downtown he revealed that the 7-inch tablet computer will find widespread appreciation particularly among corporate users, he was full of praises for the device, showing the significance of the device for its multi-core processor with its ability to quickly render Web pages and applications. It was clear that the company is surely looking for delivering the market demand and stated that the device is like three to four times faster than an iPad.