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Blackberry Playbook price in India for 32GB, BlackBerry Playbook price

Blackberry Playbook price in India

Blackberry Playbook at price of around Rs 32990 for 32 GB is available now in the Indian Market. The new Blackberry Playbook tablet is a multimedia marvel, concise and powerful with excellent performance. Fast and easy it features a long list of professional features and entertainment applications which are mind-blowing.

On Blackberry Playbook tablet you can expect to get the highest performance levels, you can work smarter and quicker and yet enjoy the playful side of this professional tool.

Blackberry Playbook is full with applications and features to keep you entertained as you go. With all the social network and online communities available you can always stay connected while you in constant move. Share your updates, your news, your photos and keep in touch with friends. Discover music anytime you wish with MusicStore while stay in sync with your other Blackberry devices.

In Blackberry Playbook features, on the HD display screen play games and enjoy a real-life gaming experience. With the Podcasts application you can sign-up for free and search from a long list of audio, video and Podcasts. Shuffle the pages of online books and flip through the virtual shelves of Kobo, the online library where you can pick more than 2 million affordable titles available and some thousands of free titles of classic literature.

With Blackberry Playbook, as you go work will always remain demanding and time-consuming; for this you can always easily view, create and edit Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft word files and attachments so that you can stay on top of  a busy day through your Blackberry Playbook.

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i want to know the acctual price of 32 gb and 64 gb black berry
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