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Blackberry Pearl 3G price, Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone price in India

Blackberry Pearl price in India

Research in Motion (RIM) has launched Blackberry Pearl 3G series smartphone in India to offer 3G usability and faster processing power. Blackberry Pearl 3G series includes Pearl 9100 and Pearl 9105, which are not only handy and compact handsets but one of the fastest mobile devices presently available in market as claimed by RIM.

In Mumbai at elaborate function, on June 11, RIM unveiled Blackberry Pearl 3G in India, making India one of three privileged country in the world to have Blackberry Pearl 3G series.

Indian smartphone market is looking stronger, and Blackberry is becoming more popular but still Nokia dominates both low range, medium range and smartphone range market in India. Recently Indian government declared to launch 3G and spectrum telecom technology, and to use these technology easily and comfortably, Blackberry launched Pearl 3G series mobile devices to tap potential 3G user market.

Meanwhile, we have Pearl 3G series smartphone coming to India, which looks promising and loaded with brilliant features and unmatchable brand name of Blackberry. Blackberry Pearl 3G series is powered with 624 MHz processor to give users superb processing speed and also enable users to access 3G networking technology comfortably.

256 MB flash memory and microSD/SDHD memory card support expandable upto 32 GB offers user to save, create and store heavy data and information and also access heavy applications. 3.2 mega pixel camera is another exciting feature, which have autofocus, zooming and flash options to prove that this integrated camera is more than utility purpose.

Optical trackpad gives you faster and smoother navigation ability. Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity is available on this smartphone, these technology offer users access to Internet easily and connect to other devices without amiss. Other extra features are hands-free headsets, stereo headsets and Bluetooth accessories.

Blackberry Pearl 3G 360x400 pixel resolution screen has clean and high-definition clarity to offer. OWERTY keypad is only available on 9100 Pearl, while Pearl 3G 9105 has regular numeric keypad. 9105 Pearl is the first smartphone by Blackberry to come with regular numerical keypad.

On the launch function at Mumbai, Blackberry haven’t announced prices for Blackberry Pearl 3G series smartphones but industry experts has estimated price range for these handsets between 20,000 to 30,000 rupees.