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Blackberry Bold 9700 at price Rs. 31,000 has attractive specs and features

Blackberry Bold 9700 price in India

Blackberry Bold 9700 will be introduced in India at Rs. 31,000. Blackberry to compete with Apple, Nokia and Samsung in smartphone segment in India. Indian smartphone segment is looking good with steady growth, and Blackberry is targeting on this segment with Blackberry Bold 9700 which is loaded with latest technology.

Recently rumors were coming in that HTC and Samsung are going to launch their high-end smartphones in India. Even before respective officials could response on this, Blackberry officially announced Blackberry Bold 9700 smartphone launch in India. Indian customers has been positive towards Blackberry handsets and they rely and preferring Blackberry more than other mobile devices in smartphone segment.

Still though Nokia is giving tough competition to Blackberry in India and more recently speculations are being made that Samsung Galaxy S is going to be launched in India, which is however better than Blackberry Bold 9700 but not in design and frame.

Meanwhile, Indian customers will have better options presently available for smartphones in India, with the launch of Blackberry Bold 9700. Blackberry Bold 9700 is intelligent mobile handset which have better multimedia features, clear immaculate display screen quality, good connectivity system, good security system and best 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and 2x zooming technology for video recording.

3.5mm socket for headset with in build speaker, also enables users to connect external speakers with Blackberry Bold 9700. Memory status on Blackberry Bold 9700 is 256MB as internal memory with 2GB for media memory. Wi-Fi system is efficient enough to handle and control heavy data exchange and better connectivity frequency on high-speed 3G connection. Blackberry Bold 9700 is designed with trackpad for comfortable navigation on this mobile device.

Instant messaging, social networking shortcuts, e-mail and browser facility helps you easy and fast Internet access. Many other value added services and features are integrated on Blackberry Bold 9700.

Blackberry Bold 9700 has everything to offer from best features on the line to brand credibility of Blackberry. Indian markets are flooding with Blackberry Bold copies prior to launch and many users are pessimist about the launch. But Blackberry Bold 9700 has stronger design and attraction power to sway Indian markets to make it best buy soon after launch. But presently Indian Blackberry will have to wait few days for Blackberry Bold 9700 to make presence in Indian markets.