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BlackBerry to Take on Apple with New BlackBerry Tablet PC

Apple iPad has showed the business potential of tablet PC by leading from the front in the tablet PC section. With that, now many companies are keen to develop the tablet PCs. Many of them were already jumped into the business and started developing their own tablet PCs.

All of them are trying to explore and cash on the little things that iPad lacks. Latest news from tech sources is that BlackBerry too is all set to release their tablet PC by the end of this year. Keeping the tough competition from leading brands like Apple, BlackBerry finally decided to give a tough competition to its competitors.

BlackBerry tablet PC will be hitting the US markets by the end of 2010. Though there are not many details available about BlackBerry tablet PC, few features are confirmed by the tech gurus around. The new BlackBerry tablet will have an 8.9 inch bright color display and said to have better standards than Apple iPhone display.

The negative point about this BlackBerry tablet is, it’s not coming with any network support. Means, you have to setup a connection manually through a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi network. BlackBerry is trying their level best to compete with much talked iPhone OS4 and Google Android.

Apple iPad, on the other hand is still continuing its bull run in the market. Apple iPad is going to make its debut in England in couple of weeks from now on. Despite few minor problems, nothing much negative feedback has registered against iPad. Apple is very successful in cashing on the brand image of Apple. Apple iPad took entire US by storm couple of months ago and the sales of Apple iPad is still going fast. There are not so many cons to figure out, but surely the size of Apple iPad didn’t impressed many.

BlackBerry wants to cash on that same point. BlakcBerry decides to develop a tablet PC which will be more compact and easy to carry. Because there is a good big section of consumers who want tablet PCs to be as small as possible. BlackBerry needs to beat Apple iPad in many ways though; it’s not an easy task to compete with Apple OS4 and Google Android.

Also the fact of BlackBerry not having proper network features can play against RIM big time. So far there isn’t any confirmed news from RIM, but BlackBerry PC tablet is most likely to be released by the end of 2010.