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BlackBerry Storm2 goes live on T mobile for a price of 30 for 2 years

BlackBerry Storm2 Price in India

BlackBerry Storm2 is launched in T mobile network in UK for a price of £30 for a contract period of 2 years. This plan provides basic features only and users can opt for higher plan with more services by making extra payment. BlackBerry Storm2 is 9250 model and equipped with enhanced specifications over previous Blackberry model.

BlackBerry Storm2 is available for a price of $179.99. Nearest competitor for is Pre Palm. BlackBerry model is like nay other models, well suited for mailing facility. The mails loads faster in this phone though readability of mail text is not so appealing.

BlackBerry Storm2 specifications includes 3.25 inch display screen and 3.2 mega pixel camera with good picture quality. Also you can use GPS for navigation in unknown locations, 3G and Wi-FI connectivity for internet usage. It can support memory up to 16GB with SD card, though the standard memory of 2GB only.

BlackBerry Storm2 is available for 2 years contract period along with 500 text and 600 minutes of free usage. BlackBerry Storm2 is at little higher price than Pre Palm (price $ 149) and better suitable for mailing also making it preferred choice for professional class.

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