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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Price, BlackBerry Pearl 3G Price and Features

BlackBerry Pearl 3G price in India

RIM a Canadian manufacturer has announced today the launch of BlackBerry Pearl 3G and BlackBerry 9105 with a radically different keyboard. This new Blackberry Peal 3G will come in 2 different flavors. RIM launched this smartphone against the rival the iPhone and a growing company Anroid base. This phone will be debuting during May and this will be apparently a global date.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G features an attractive keyboard which is alphanumeric and has 14 keys which are set out in a traditional layout of three letters per key. Both the models feature a display of 360 x 400 resolution and have the processor of 624 MHz with a 256 MB internal memory. Mainly a QWERTY keyboard layout is most popular feature of these smartphones.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G features also include a 3.2 Megapixel camera which is popped on the back of phone. The camera also has a digital zoom auto focus and a flash with the dedicated media buttons.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G is designed as a consumer-oriented phone whereas BlackBerry Pear 3G 9100 is going to get the alphanumeric 9105 model and going to be more popular because of this feature. Pearl 3G 9105 is a pretty nifty device on its own.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphones come in five various colors. The features also include an optical touchpad, talk-time of 5.5 hours and Balckberry OS v5.0. The phone also comes with the light sensing features. It is measuring less than 2 inches wide (50mm) and weighing 3.3 ounces (93g).

BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone includes a support for the high-speed 3G (HSDPA/UMTS) NETWORKS, FPS and Wi-Fi along with a powerhouse processor. This powerhouse processor drives and supports the visually stunning images on a high resolution and sharp display.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G with the new Mobile Voice System version 5 enables users to use a single work phone number shared between the desk phone and BlackBerry smartphone.

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