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Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile phones, Best SMS tones for Nokia, Samsung

Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile phones, Best SMS tones for Nokia, Samsung: SMS alert tone is a very small accessory of a mobile but has become a trend setter among the users.

Mobile ringtones are loved by everybody and they are used according to the mood of the user. Similarly SMS alert tones are in fashion, users set the latest up beat MP3 alert tone to impress their friends whenever a message is delivered.

Many websites are providing free download of SMS alert tones. Mobile manufacturers have also facilitated free download of SMS alert tones which are compatible to their mobiles. SMS alert tones can be funny, instrumental, horrifying, sweet and any song can also be an alert tone. These alert tones can be either downloaded to user’s computer or directly to the mobile.

Some of the Best SMS Alert Tones

Best SMS Alert tones for Nokia mobiles:

  • Nokia mobiles are compatible for downloading best SMS alert tones from a wide range available on the websites. Many websites offers most popular SMS tones for Nokia mobiles. Some of the best Nokia SMS tones are based on hip hop or jazzed music.
  • Whereas some SMS alert tones include tones with music by international music bands or singers like famous SMS alert tones Nokia Vs Lil Jon and Nokia Vs 50 cent.
  • By downloading these SMS tones the user can hear his/her favourite international music whenever a message is received.
  • Nokia also provides SMS alert tones which says ‘You Have a Message’ in different ways like in a robotic style or in a musical style with cool and funky music beats added to it. 

Best SMS Alert Tones for other mobiles:

  • Other mobile companies also manufacture mobiles which facilitate downloading of SMS alert tones.
  • Mobiles like Samsung, LG, Micromax and several companies have SMS tone compatible mobiles.
  • Funny SMS alert tones make you laugh with funny voices or sounds like the sound of sneezing or farting.
  • Just imagine people are quietly seated, suddenly they hear a scream and jump in fear, and they come to know that it’s only a message alert tone. And the next time whenever the user is near the people stay cautious that they do not react to the screaming SMS tone.
  • Latest and popular MP3 songs can be choosen as SMS alert tones, so that whenever a message arrives favourite bollywood/hollywood number can be heard. Message tones in the form of cute baby voices are really sweet.
  • Instrumental SMS tones are also available so that the user hears to music played on the guitar or piano.
  • Variety of best SMS alert tones is available on various websites which can be downloaded for free. And these tones can be downloaded directly to the mobile by accessing net on latest mobiles or can be downloaded on the computer.

Links to get best SMS Alert Tones:

To download Best SMS Alert Tones


Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile phones, Best SMS tones for Nokia, Sams
Now you can have amazing collection of SMS alert tones with the help of above discussed links for free download.
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Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile phones
Young generation are downloading variety of SMS alert tones.Scary SMS alert tones are really scary at times when there is complete silence.
Posted by Shruti
Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile phones, Best SMS tones for Nokia, Sams
Best SMS Alert Tones for mobile. it is necessary to get a good alert tone for your phone.
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