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Bentley Mulsanne car launch in India at price Rs 2.9 crore

Bentley Mulsanne Price in India

Now the all new Bentley Mulsanne can be all yours for Rs 2.9 crore.True!!! Bentley Mulsanne was unveiled on Saturday British High Commissioners residence in Delhi. The car would hit the Indian markets in October this year. The car would be sold by Bentley’s New Delhi distributor, Exclusive Motors India Private Limited.

This new flagship model, Bentley Mulsanne has been completely revamped and released some new improved features. It would be entirely different from the earlier Mulsanne produced between 1980 and 1992 One area where the company seemed to have work is the Fuel economy.

It is expected to be more economical than Arnage by 15%.Other areas such as engine, chassis, transmission and suspension have also been taken care of.

Bentley Mulsanne was unveiled by British High Commissioner, Sir Richard Stagg, and the Bentley regional director, Chris Buxton. There are great expectations from this grand luxury car. The production of the car would commence at Bentley headquarters, England in the second quarter of 2010.A newly constructed production facility dedicated to Mulsanne is being set up for this purpose.

Describing India as a hub of luxury and country of erstwhile Maharajas who indulged in luxury, Chris Buxton said "We have, in the past received a heartening response from our valued customers and I think the launch of the Mulsanne will truly delight our loyal and discerning audience,''.

Mulsanne runs on a 6.7-litre V8 twin-turbo charged petrol engine. Bentley would manufacture around 600 units for the global market. The figure for Indian market is not yet known.  “India accounts for around 2 per cent of our global sales. On an average we sell around 25-50 units in the country and we see volume increasing.” Mr. Buxton said

Bentley would offer a palette of 114 paint colors, 21 carpet colors, nine wood veneers and 24 interior leader hide. All these would be tanned using a decade old process to ensure that the distinctive scent of the model is retained. Some new age features such as iPod, MP3 connectivity, Bluetooth and a SIM card reader have also been incorporated.

With an option being given to the customers to customize Mulsanne according to their tastes, Bentley is all set the high end market segment in India on fire.

Bentley Mulsanne to hit Indian markets from October 2010