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Bava Review: Siddhartha may get a block buster after long time

Siddhartha is waiting for box office performance of his movie Bava which was released on Oct 29th. The movie Bawa is directed by Rambabu, debutant director in the industry. Siddhartha has not yet experienced a good movie in recent past. The last blockbuster which he had delivered in his career is Bommarillu.

Siddharth’s performance is impressive in the film Bava. The character he is playing has village backdrop which suited him very well. His compiling scenes with Rajendra Prasad are worth watching. Pranitha lead actress has done her best to give a decent performance. She played good in few of the scenes but the person who showed his best performance was Rajendra Prasad. He is a show stealer.

Rajendra is known for being a seasoned artist but this time he has managed to impress everyone. He has given a matured performance throughout the film. The character he as played is more appreciated in the second half of the film. Ahuti Prasad, Viswanath Kasi, Brahmanandam and Ali have done their parts well to entertain the audiences.

The story of the Bawa goes like this that Sitaramudu (Rajendra Prasad) is fond of acting. Traveling to and delivering drama was one of his favourite hobbies. While paying a visit to a village to stage a drama a girl (Sindhu Tolani) falls in love with him who happens to be the sister of a landlord. Sitaramudu accepted her and decides to meet her brother and tells that he will marry her. The brother refuses but they decide to get married.

The girl thought that after their marriage the family of the girl will accept it. Some time later the couple had a boy Veerababu who grows up to fall in love with Varalakshmi (Pranitha) who is the daughter of Veerababu’s own maternal uncle. Veerababu and Varalakshmi were unaware of their family connection.

Varalakshmi’s marriage was fixed with Ramana but she ties the knot with Veerababu. Then, Sitramudu reveals the flashback saying that they both are close relatives and they should get married to each other in front of the whole family. For the climax watch the movie!