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Bajaj KTM 125cc bike to hit the markets in 2011, Bajaj KTM 125cc bike price

Bajaj KTM 125cc price in India

Bajaj Auto India Limited, India’s major two wheeler manufacturer is going to launch a 125cc motorcycle in a joint venture developed by Australian based motorcycle makers KTM. The company has already associated with KTM Sport motorcycle AG for their big plans as it is looking forward to introduce higher performance massive motorcycles in the global market. The new bike is going to be available in India by 2011.

Bajaj Auto India Limited and KTM have been involved in the development of a variety of bikes over the years. The Bajaj KTM 125cc bike will be built at Bajaj’s plant at Chakan. From here it will be exported to Europe by the brandname of KTM. The bike which has been jointly manufactured by Bajaj and KTM will be on sale in Europe in end-2010. It will be followed by the Indian launch in mid-2011.

With Rajiv Bajaj who had recently joined KTM’s Board of Directors, revealed that it was only a matter of time before the two brands decided to work together in the fields of product development, vendor sourcing and distribution. Bajaj has a 35% stake in KTM.

Bajaj is going to distribute the new product to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil. However, the specific name of this bike has not been decided yet. But it is going to be great experience with KTM since we all know that KTM had brought out zero-emission motorcycles in the market. In the future, KTM wishes to venture out into new fields and touch new market which had not been explored as yet.

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