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BSNL introduces Huawei smartphone with 3G plan at price Rs.6750

BSNL Huawei smartphone price in India

BSNL has introduced Huawei mobile with 3G kit at price Rs.6750 in Tamil Nadu circle of its operations. The Huawei 7510 mobile is considered among the most economic 3G enabled smartphone in India. This phone is aimed at middle income customers who will need 3G enabled basic handset. Also this is going to help BSNL promote 3G services among masses in Tamil Nadu circle.

Huawei phone from BSNL comes with a special promotional package which includes free data transfer of 25MB for a period of 2 months from the date of purchase, 50 minutes of normal talk time and 30 minutes of voice call, both free for first 6 months. The actual cost of the Huawei is Rs. 6,500.

Huawei mobile features and specifications includes 100MB of inbuilt memory expandable up to 8MB with microSD card, 2 megapixel camera. The smartphone is available in Red, black and green colours. It is is based on Google android platform and has can be connected with Bluetooth.

The scheme is not available on official site of Tamil Nadu circle of BSNL, and it may be available for a very limited period only.


kindly let me know where i can purschase the 3 g mobile
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try it
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