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BMW 5 Series Sedan, 6th Generation car set for launch in India soon

Indian roads will soon see the sixth-generation BMW 5 Series sedans. The country will get four variants 523i &535i in the petrol version and 525d &530d in the diesel version. The BMW 5 Series is a perfect culmination of splendid design, intuitive operations and driver orientation with ideally placed instruments. BMW straight six-cylinder engine has a unique place in the automotive engineering.

The powerful BMW 5-series engine is designed with four-valve technology to enable you to drive an award winning engineering master piece. The BMW engine delivers excellent fuel efficiency together with the characteristic BMW performance.

The new six speed automatic transmission system of the BMW 5series drivetrain delivers superb control of drive power. The sedan has a fully electronic system delivers lightning-fast gearshift without tiniest loss of power. You can sequentially change gears with its electronic gear selector lever.

The BMW engine ensures dynamic stability control that decreases torque and brakes individual wheels as required it also helps prevent loss of traction before the vehicle starts to skid. The sedan is fitted with electronic chassis control systems that enhances the safety and makes the driving experience more pleasurable.

The BMW 5 Series Sedan is a balanced mix of lightweight chassis which is an ideal mix of both aluminum and steel used in its construction. The bonnet, front end and side walls are all made of aluminum to reduce the overall weight and also ensures an equal distribution of weight between the front and rear axis. Among the ergonomics and safety features are its iDrive control concept that ensures a correct positioning of frequently used features. Features like indicators, radio, and telephone are placed around the steering wheel.

The other features of a BMW 5 Series sedan are a brightly displayed information panel, high-contrast control display and BMW night vision that lets you reveals animals or pedestrians up to 300 meters. Its standard runs flat tyres even after its puncture so that you do not need to carry a spare tyre thereby saving space, freeing boot space and reducing weight.

The all India ex-showroom prices of the BMW 523i is Rs. 38, 90,000, the new BMW 525d is priced at Rs.39, 90,000 and the BMW 530d is priced at Rs. 45, 90,000. The colors are available in metallic and non-metallic options. The non-metallic color is Alpine White and in metallic colors, the BMW 5 Series is available in Cashmere Silver, Deep Sea Blue, Milano Beige, Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect and Sophisto Grey Brilli