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Audi to showcase A1 at the Worthersee Tour 2010 at Austria

Audi will present its 19 different models at the Worthersee in Reifnitz this year. Worthersee will have Audi for the fourth year in a row and the tour is expecting a huge number of Audi fans this year too from throughout Europe. The showstopper will be Audi A1which is playing a leading role at the 29th Worthersee Tour from May12-15 in Austria.

Apart from AI the other cars bearing the four-ring Audi logo would be Audi R8 GT which is a limited production version of the high performance sports car and will be making its first official appearance at the Tour, the R8 V10 Spyder and RS 5. Out of the 19 cars displayed by Audi, 9 cars are from its latest A1 mini-car collection.

The focus of the Worthersee Tour however would be the Audi A1 with the company showcasing 7 customized version will some special interior and exterior treatments including a model sporting “FC Bayern look”. The variety in the customizable features has always been a focal point for Audi for its A1 fans.

The A1 1.4 TFSI model in Misano Red with gray contrast arch from Audi stands out from the crowd. This compact car has the Number 10 of FC Bayern star Arjen Robben on the roof and the doors. It also sports a huge size logo of Germany’s most successful soccer club on the hood and modified diffuser at the back together with a restyled bumper.

The other design that Audi fans will look for are the ‘Follow Me’ design in Citrus Yellow with black check board pattern, the ‘Hot Rod’ with matt finish look and the ‘Fashion’ edition in an offbeat eggplant purple tone. The other A1 offered by Audi at the Tour is the AI1.6 TDI in Scuba Blue.

Not only the exterior but the interior of the motto vehicles are also styled by the design team of Audi. The ‘competition kit legend interior’ and ‘competition kit legend interior plus’ accessory package go very well with the exterior and will be directly available from the factory or from classic After Sales from Audi Genuine Accessories after its launch.


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