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Asus Eee tablet price in India, Asus Eee Pad price and features android

Asus Eee tablet price in India

Asustek, commonly known as Asus, which proposes to be the 3rd largest manufacturer on laptops, has ignited the on-going craze for netbooks, by revealing yesterday two Eee Pad tablets running Windows software and an e-reader, the Eee Tablet, with a note-taking function. Both the tablets are to run on Android, the operating system that Google is distributing for free for mobile devices.

Though Asus is not the first company to bring forth a tablet device in the market, it has targeted to make the device different by a couple of tablet offerings based on the Windows Operating System. AsusTek is among several Taiwanese computer makers to display tablet PCs at the five-day Computex Show in Taipei that opens Tuesday.

One of the products, called the Eee Pad EP121, features a 12.1 inch display with CULV Core 2 Duo processor and runs Windows 7 Home Premium. The device is proposed to function for 10 hours on a single charge, and supports two modes of entering text, a virtual keyboard, or an external dock/keyboard hybrid apparatus. The device is to be released for sale in the first quarter of 2011.

Eee Pad EP101TC is a smaller version of Eee Pad EP121, and is accompanied by a 10 inch display with a support for Windows Embedded Compact 7, instead of offering Windows 7.

Much of the features are not yet known about the devices, but for now it is known to feature a webcam and a USB port for expandability. The Eee Pad EP101TC is to be priced at $399 to $449. No price tag was given for the 12-inch model.

In addition to full Windows support, Company Chairman Jonney Shih said Eee Pad is equipped with a Web camera and runs Flash by Adobe Systems which will allow users to view YouTube and other video programs on the Internet.

In contrast to these, the Apple i-pads are priced at a much higher range of $499, $599 or $699 depending on the data storage capacity.

Not limiting to only tablet devices, Asus has also unveiled a powerful e-notepad which shall have the features of both an electronic reader as well as a device for taking notes. This shall also incorporate the camera for the users to take screenshots of on-going lectures. This has been priced at $199 to $299 and is boasted of turning pages at a faster speed and does not cause as much eye-fatigue during lengthy reading as other e-readers.