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Aston Martin to foray in India with SUV car

The luxury car maker Aston Martin headquartered at Warwickshire, England,  may soon foray into India with its sport utility vehicle (SUV) cars. Aston Martin see India as a high potential country for luxury car market in the World.

Aston Martin car maker is however yet to finalise on dealers to distribute its cars into India. Also Aston Martin is in the process of finalising models for Indian premium car segment.

Aston Martin sees India as one of high growth country for overall economy and also for premium car segment. Indian car segment has seen good growth in SUV car segment in past. Given the high growth potential of Indian economy, foreign car makers including Aston Martin finds one of the market to grow their sales.

Speaking on the potential of Indian auto market and scope for Aston Martin in India, Deepesh Rathore, managing director said, “The luxury car market is tilted to fresh arrivals as the buyer in this segment is always looking for exclusivity”. One of the notable car from the company is Aston Martin Rapide.

Indian car market has already seen luxury cars from foreign companies like Skoda, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce. With the entry of Aston Martin in India will further hot up the competition.


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Nice review.
Posted by Carazoo.com India
News to dhang si to do Jaidev bhai Aston Martin ne apni puri history me SUV car banayee hi nahi hai to india k liye kyu banaye ? By the way, Aston Martin Rapide is company's new direction in the four doored car.
Posted by Chirag