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Aston Martin Rapide New Launch In Luxury Car Segment

The Aston Martin Rapide is breathtakingly beautiful, a car with extended creases along the coachwork. This gives a long, low appearance, but rises cheekily over the front wings. With familiar mix of soft English leathers and bare metal switches Aston is cool and freezing.

The roof line is subtle and hides the rear accommodation, while the rear is attractive, with a simple hatchback that allows easy access to the generous load space. There are plenty of head rooms in spite of the low roof line.

This British luxury car brand Aston Martin is entering the Indian market. Process is being carried on to appoint dealers in India. Since the luxury car market is expanding in the country, every New Year brings with it something best. This year is witnessing the launch of Aston Martin to encash upon the growing sentiments of the luxury car buyers.

When the speed of the car is low, the front wheels dive into the corner like a rat up a pipe, the steering feels direct but stiff. The brakes are all-steel items with Brembo calipers. They are powerful, with a great pedal feel, and easy to modulate. The Rapide model has five doors and a trunk with 317 liters capacity and if someone also needs to transport a stroller can break down the rear seats and increase the capacity up to 886 liters.

It's fast and beautiful and well put together. It is simply going to be the wonder car that will be really luxurious for the luxurious car users. It is pure and precious and seems to be brought into motion any time.