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Apple's iPhone 4.0 OS seven wonderful features of fourth generation iPhone

Apple introduced its latest fourth generation iPhone OS on Thursday in California. Apple did that after a period of three years and that is a pretty long gap to keep its ardent fans waiting and hoping to get more. The iPhone 4.0 OS was much awaited and Apple introduced it with a bang offering more than 100 features including the much- wished features that the iPhone freaks have been looking forward since long.

Among 100 features, a special mention is given by CEO Steve Jobs, to seven most important features. The wish list of seven wonderful features goes as this: first in the list is the most talked about multi-tasking feature that enables its user to run more than one program at a time.

This includes many other interesting apps to perform tasks in the background while you are busy on one for the moment. These are Voice over IP, Background audio, Local notifications, Push notifications, Background location, Fast app switching and Task finishing. This feature helps to preserve the battery life of the gadget too.

The second feature that Apple introduced in the fourth generation iPhone OS is the gaming center that is a social gaming network which lets its users plays against their friends. They can also make use of matchmaking opportunity, leader boards and achievements.

The third feature is the new folder support feature which allows you to automatically create a new folder by simply dragging one app icon onto another. This features names the folders according to the Apps store category. It also helps to avoid unnecessary clutter on your home page.

The fourth feature in the line is the improved e-mail feature that enables users to get incoming mails into one mail box. Users can also set up Multiple Exchange accounts and organize their mails and swiftly switch between accounts.

The fifth feature that the latest iPhone 4.0 OS offers is the iBooks reader that enables the e reader download e books online and transfer them to their iPads and iPhones. This is a wireless feature hence offers great mobility to the readers.

The next amazing feature that Apple introduced after much of hard work and research is the iAds feature that recognizes the developers needs to earn revenue by allowing them to build advertising into their applications. In this way they will be able to earn money over and above what they earn by selling their apps which is a 60% share in the revenue made by it. Through this feature a full screen video and ad content will be displayed on the screen.

Last but not the least is the enterprise feature introduced by Apple to iPhone 4.0 OS. Apple recognizes the extensive use of iPhone devices in Fortune 500 companies thus Apple brings this feature for enhanced data protection and the users get a better encryption in mails as well as apps. It also supports SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco and Exchange 2010.

The iPhone 4.0 will be available in summer though iPad users will get it on the fall.


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