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Apple releases upgrade to the IOS 4 before the Thursday bound iPhone 4

The preorders are in and the device is ready to go into the market on Thursday, the Apple iPhone is all set to revitalize the Mobile phone market with its launch. But before all that happens there is ground breaking news coming up from the house of Apple. The Apple people have released the update to the IOS 4 the operating system that the iPhone 4 is supposed to run.

The Apple's IOS 4 software promises 100 new features for owners of the iPhone 3GS, released last June, including the ability to multitask, or run more than one app at once. It also lets you take control of the growing inventory of apps by organizing them into folders. The new news may prove to be bad news for some of the old iPhone users because some of the most touted features of the most touted features of the iPhone4 may not be available only through the OS upgrade. To check whether the model of your IDevice is compatible read on:

The upgraded OS will support the iPhone 3G handset that was released in the June of 2008 but with some features unavailable the important ones including Multitasking and support for Blurtooth keyboard.  Multitasking won’t even work with the second-generation iPod Touch, released in 2008. And the biggest of them all- the hard-to-get iPad touch-screen tablet computer doesn't get the iOS 4 update at all until later this year?

However most of the models will be getting some the new features including the iBooks- Apple's Books store, first seen on the iPad is finally catching the iPhone users. For those with multiple e-mail accounts, the new operating system lets you combine the accounts into one, for a unified inbox. A spell-checker has been added for e-mail. The unified inbox is a feature that all the iPhone users wanted as most of the other mobile phone platforms had supported the same from quite some time now. Besides these two the ease for playlist creation also comes with the iPhone upgrade.

Most of the tech pundits (as I like to call technology reviewers) are of the opinion that the "Apple is a smart company and wants to make a lot of money, this ( not providing all the features compatible with the older phones) is how it forces people to buy the latest products" but it might happen that these software upgrades are not supported by the hardware of the device.