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Apple offers refurbished iPods starting at price USD99

Apple iPods price

If you could not buy an iPod due to its hefty price tag then there is an opportunity just for you. You can now grab an iPod at an unbelievable price tag of $99 from Apple’s online store. Apple offers a large selection of refurbished iPods at reduced prices.

The models on offer are fifth generation 8 GB iPod Nano, 16GB iPod Nano, second generation 8GB iPod Touch, 16GB iPod Touch and the current generation 160 GB iPod classic.

The fifth generation 8GB iPod Nano is available in green, blue, purple, silver, black, pink and yellow color options at a price tag of $99 which makes it a straight deduction of $50 from the original price of $149. The 16GB version of the same generation is also available at the refurbished range at a price tag of $149 which lets you save $30.

The second generation iPod Touch 8GB version is available at a discount of $40 against the regional price of $189. The 16GB version of the second generation iPod Touch is available only at $189.

The current generation iPod 160 GB classic is available at price of $209 in black and silver colors. iPod Nano is relatively small device with huge color options and is available in 8GB and 16 GB memory. The next generation iPods are capable of playing videos, come with build-in camera for video recording at 30fps and comes with FM radio with a voice-over feature which speaks the names of songs and artists. The fifth-generation iPod can store up to 2,000 songs, 8 hours of video and offers up to 24 hours of music playback or five hours of video playback on a single charge.