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Apple may launch 3GS in India on Monday, iPhone fan will wait for 4G iPhone

The 3GS iPhone from Apple has been much awaited by the Indian customers, way too long, but after keeping a brief silence Apple is rumored to launch it on 15th March, that is Monday. Apple has made its potential customers for iPhone 3GS wait for so long that many have ended up buying the device from the grey market.

One of the possible reasons for Apple to delay the release of 3G iPhone in India is a lukewarm response received by Apple in India where the market is predominated by the likes of less expensive Nokia.

But another catch to this Apple story is its 4th Generation iPhone which is expected to be released at least in USA by the end of June. So the important issue for the iPhone freaks is probably not the availability or the operators for 3GS on 15th March or even its pricing but the motivation to wait still more for the iPhone 4G and post pone their purchase plans for the 3GS.

iPhone 3GS’s launch has been overly delayed in India so much so that the company’s another much awaited product, the iPhone 4G has become due for launch. Any Apple iPhone fan would love to shelve his plans to purchase the 3 GS iPhone and would rather wait for a bit more for the upcoming 4G iPhone.

Apple iPhone 3G is expected to be launched by four different operators namely, Bharti, Vodafone, Reliance and Aircel and phone will be bound with the operator for 1 or 2 years and it would be possible to unlock it officially after the time period. Though it would be interesting to know that none of the operators offer 3G services.

This time Airtel is rumored to have been dropped by Apple. Vodafone last year pushed aside Apple and promoted Blackberry. Hence it is still not clear that if Airtel has pushed Apple this year or Apple has dumped it.  But please remember it is just a rumor and nothing has been officially announced by Apple so far.

Also there has been absolutely no word about the pricing or shipment dates. A short pre-order is also expected from Apple before the actual shipment of the phone in India.