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Apple launched updated iPhone 4.0 OS: kitty includes more than 100 features

Apple introduced the latest iPhone 4.0 version on Thursday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The much awaited update, the fourth generation of iPhone OS 4.0 version came after three years. Apple plans to bring more than 100 new features through the OS 4.0 version. Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, however laid much stress on 7 huge changes that the latest OS brings to the iPhone.

These changes in iPhone 4.0 version are addition of Multi tasking feature, unified e-mail in-box, home screen folders, iBooks for e book readers, a social gaming network via a Game Center, latest Enterprise features and iAds. Apart from these highlighting features certain other additional features also find place in the latest 4.0 OS version of the iPhone.

Now to tell you briefly about the ‘7 pillar features’ that the latest 4.0 OS boasts of. Firstly the multitasking feature: now the users can swap between open apps without closing the one you are currently on. Home Screen Folder lets you organize your apps into separate folders so that your homescreen does not look cluttered. The new e-mail feature lets you set up Multiple Exchange accounts and organize email and quickly switch between accounts. You can also open attachments with the apps of your choice.

Next on the list is the iBooks feature where the iPhone users will be able to get Apple’s e-book reader on their gadgets and it will be ported to the iPhone from iPad. The enterprise feature will allow you to get a better encryption in both Mail and apps. Also a support for Exchange 2010 and SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco is latest to the kitty.

The latest 4.0 OS adds a social networking platform for gaming freaks which lets you play against your friends; leaderboards, matchmaking opportunity and achievements are also supported.  Last but not the least is the iAds feature that recognizes the revenue opportunities that lets you have interactive ads in the apps. Apple through this feature wants the developers make money which offers them a 60% share in the revenue.

The other important features included in the 4.0 OS version of the iPhone are a larger font size for emails and texts, a spell check, search text messages, 5 X digital zoom in camera, playlist creation feature, a persistent Wi-Fi, customizable wall papers for home screen, tap to focus video, birthday calendar, Bluetooth keyboard, iPod out, gifting of apps and web search suggestions.

The iPhone 4.0 will be available in the summer when the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD is launched. The iPad users will get it on the fall, though many features still exist. The multi tasking feature will be available with iPhone 3GS and the latest iPod Touch because the 4.0 OS does not work on iPhones with less powerful processors. The owners of other iPhone and iPod Touch will be required to upgrade if they want to get the other benefits of the 4.0 OS.


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