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Apple improves the MobileMe app- Device tracking & united mail incorporated

For those that have always been a fan of apple and have cheered every single announcement that Steve Jobs has made. Here is your chance to cheer and shout again, Apple has announced new and improved MobileMe software for its upcoming releases. However, whether the new iPhone 4 has this new feature or not is unknown at this moment.

The MobileMe software which was known as the iTools app till the year has been upgraded to an entire new version and according to the tech pundits the updates are not just simple updates but pretty smart ones too. If you are still wondering what the MobileMe software is all about then here is arecap. Mobile Me is a subscription based collection of online software services that are offered by Apple. The Mobile Me integrates services like Address book, Calendar, iDisk, iWeb, iChat, Aim and the Mobile Mail Beta.

The new improvements from Apple have come basically in the form of addition of a new feature for tracking your lost iPhone from your iPad and vice versa. The E-mail via MobileMe has also been upgraded with widescreen and compact views for the iPad and iPhone, respectively. Apple has added single-click archiving and new rules to keep email organized across devices. The other enhancements include full screen map view, better support for SSL and better internet security.

In addition to this the website for MobileMe has been upgraded and improved with a better looking interface and login screen. One of the key services provided by the MobileMe is the online file sharing service that can be used to synchronize data along your Mac OS or iPhone. The annual cost of the service is $99 for the US and is expected to remain the same for the improved version as well.

However, While a test service provided by the company people have found uncountable number of problems with the service including not detection of devices and problem with service and unworkability. Apple states that the new version of MobileMe mail is "now available to all members." But if your account hasn't been then the Find My iPhone app is downloadable on the iTunes App store also.