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Apple iPhone A Review of features that make it the best smartphone ever

The Apple iPhone is in the market and making news big time. Something about the device is getting it all the popularity. A closer look at the device will give us a clue as to what are the features of the device that have made it rise to the top of demand charts.

Starting with the exteriors- the device has been taunted to be the slimmest device in the planet but if we ask the users it is everything but that. However, the metal rim on the sides and the glass in front and at back give it the solid feel. Overall the phone provides a very sleek and smart look with strong feel a feature that will drag in more and more style loving customers.

Moving on to the display and sound quality- this feature of the iPhone is actually comparable to none the retina display is boasting the display quality four times more than the last time. And the sound quality remains pretty similar to the iPhone 3GS which was also very good.

If we see the networking and internet features- the iPhone 4 will be supporting the 802.11n Wi-Fi kit and has the face time app that allows the users to chat over video with their friends using the front VGA camera. The internet speeds are up to 10.2 mbps on high speed networks better than most other smart phones available.

The iPhone 4 smartphone from Apple boasts a 5 MP camera on the back that can record HD videos but the phone does not have a HDMI port to view the same on TV. But, seriously a phone is a phone and there is no necessity of having a HDMI port in it!

The software is another something that gives the phone an edge over the others available. It runs the much taunted iOS 4 that at last is supporting multitasking, smart folder integration and unified email inboxes. The features like iBooks and better playlist integration are also ticked in the software column. And this column is indeed something that catches the eye of the most difficult buyers in the world.

I am sure that there are many other features that you would think of talking about and you are free to do so in the comments column. In my opinion these are the features that have taken the iPhone to the top of the demand list you are free to have yours.